A well-known London icon, Tower Bridge was built between 1886 and 1894, being considered one of the great engineering achievements of the time. It is based on a classic Victorian structure, iron and steel, dressed in stone, to fit the medieval aspect of its neighbor, the Tower of London.

Until recently, it was the last bridge over the Thames before its spill into the North Sea, and remains the only dump in London. This feature allowed large vessels to enter the crowd of London’s Superior Basin, a warehouse center in the Victorian era.

In peak times, he rises and descends 50 times a day. Today, it opens, on average, 18 times a week to allow entry of high boats, cruise ships, etc.

Now, the structure hosts the Tower Bridge Exhibition, a multimedia multimedia exhibition illustrating the history of the bridge. You can also go into the building to see the original Victorian engine cameras used to lift the tipping parts from 1849 to 1976.

High-rise walkways (43 m) were designed to allow pedestrians to pass when the tipping bridges were raised, and the view from here is unparalleled.