Soca has a special attraction for water sports enthusiasts, deep ravines digging limestone rock and extraordinary light that highlights the turquoise color of the water.

The high areas of the Trento glacial valley are characterized by steep slopes and very deep valleys. In spring, the poles along the paths turn into lush meadows.

ShockAfter rainy periods, many springs flow along the slopes, feeding the river with their crystalline waters. Vegetation dominates the valley and extends to the forest line.


Though it may be common for tall phagons, the spruce is the predominant species, then the beech. On the higher heights the larch is predominant, the sunny slopes are populated by the Carpathians and the Ashes, and the black valleys meet along the valley.

The fauna holds rabbits, deer, foxes, bumps and a small number of races. The valleys of the valley shelter black goats, marmots, ibes and mouflon, the latter species being artificially introduced in the 1960s. European rocks, a very rare species, live and grow along the shores.


Minarica Gorges are a natural wonder. Located in the Triglav National Park, they are created by a flowing upstream of the Soca River, which flows rapidly and forms a ravine that stretches over one kilometer. At the narrowest point the ravine is only 1 meter wide, forming a few waterfalls and water springs.

The waters of the Boca spring, another Soca tributary, create the second highest waterfall in Slovenia. The waterfall is formed by two waterfalls, 144 m in height and 106 m in the highest point. In the spring, when the river grows because of the melting of snow, the waterfall is absolutely spectacular.

Upstream, the river flows through a deep valley, created even by the river. The soft, limestone base of the bedding erodes easily, giving rise to deep ravines. The same phenomenon occurred on its affluents, which narrowed and deepened significantly. As a result, river can no longer change course and follow the same route formed thousands of years ago.


  • – In the valley of the river, near the Solkan Bridge, one of the largest prehistoric cemeteries, with more than 7,000 individual tombs, was discovered. The excavations have revealed the traces of some Bronze and Iron Age settlements.
  • – The most famous poem in which evil is mentioned is a patriotic one, written by Simon Gregorcica Sochi, who calls it the „pure daughter of the mountains”.
  • – Triglav Park, is the only protected national park in Slovenia.
  • – In the Bovec area, it is the oldest botanical garden in Slovenia.
  • – Upstream, the popular name of the river is Snita.