This Dutch metropolis has an attractive seating between canals, an original architecture and an unmatched atmosphere. During opposition to the Spanish Inquisition, here arose from the severe restrictions. Once a mecca hype, the city still attracts young people with high tolerance


In the sec. XVI and XVII, Amsterdam offered shelter to the Huguenots in France, merchants and painters in Flanders and other fugarin countries controlled by Spain. The first vessels to India left here, bringing huge revenue to the merchants.

The port and the city have turned into a center of world trade. It was an ideal place for the development of the arts and the free exchange of ideas. In Amsterdam, uncensored news was also published, then introduced to other countries in Europe.


Amsterdam holds the world’s largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh. The artist lived in the city for a short period of time to study theology but abandoned his studies. His brother, art merchant Theo van Gogh, lived in town and supported him for a long time, believing in his talent.

Theo’s collection is the nucleus of the Amsterdam van Gogh Museum, where the paintings, drawings and letters of Vincent are.

Theo’s eldest son, film director Theo van Gogh, was murdered in 2004 by an Islamic fundamentalist as revenge for a film on the condition of Muslim women.


  • Dutch name: Amsterdam
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Province: North Holland
  • Surface: 219 sq. Km
  • Population: 755,000 inhabitants
  • Founded: 1300


For five centuries, the red lantern district of Amsterdam stumbled into the former dam area. Prostitution was legalized in the Netherlands in 2000. Amsterdam is also the only place in the world with marijuana fairs – in the form of the Cumbrian Cup. In 1985 the Museum of the Hasis, Marijuana, and Canepa opened in the center of the red lantern district.

Did you know?
Cultural events in Amsterdam are devoid of formalism: people just prefer to enjoy them. In Uitmarkt, where the theater season begins at the end of August, versions of plays from the theater’s repertoire are played.

In the center of the city, improvised scenes are being built, and music and beer continue to run until the morning.

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands and the constitutional capital of the country. However, all government offices and embassies are located in The Hague. Amsterdam has a commercial character, rather than an official one. It hosts more cultural events than official and has more bikes than cars.


  • Amsterdam Diamond Center, or other sanding workshops – the Amsterdam Diamond Group, Gassan Diamond or Jewels & Watches. The history of the gemstone grinding dates back to the sec. XVI.
  • Rijksmuseum, with its superb collection of Dutch paintings (15th-17th centuries).
  • Anne Frank House – During the occupation, a Jewish young man was hiding in the city, revealing a great literary talent. Unfortunately, he did not have the chance to develop it. Her home includes a museum, here being exposed the original of the diary.
  • Westerkerk – a church with the highest tower in the city (with observation platform). Every Tuesday at 13:00, the organ plays pop music.
  • The Amsterdam channels, especially the Singelgracht, Herengracht and Prisengracht,